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What Equipment Can I Hire

Home Page What Can I Hire Hiring Tools From A Shop Benefits Of Plant Hire Get Listed   There are hundreds of different tools available to hire at tool hire shops and plant hire centres across the UK, including trade tools, DIY tools, construction equipment and garden tools. Here we give you the low down on the most popular types of tools hired for DIY, gardening and construction tasks.

DIY Tools to Hire
Whether you’re painting and decorating, tiling and grouting, or cleaning and polishing, there is an array of tools available to help you do the job properly.

To remove existing paint or wallpaper as easily as possible, why not hire an electric wallpaper stripper or a paint stripper. You could also use equipment such as folding indoor scaffolding to help you get to those hard to reach places when it comes to putting on the new paint or wallpaper.

If you want to freshen up your wooden floors or clean the carpets then it may be a good idea to hire a floor sander and floor edge sander, and special carpet cleaner and dryer. Other flooring tools and equipment available for hire include floor tile strippers and palm sanders, while if you’re laying new carpet or flooring then you can hire a carpet stretcher and a door trimming saw, among other things.

Those of you planning on sprucing up your kitchen or bathroom may want to consider hiring a manual tile cutter, wall tile remover or tile grout remover. Other DIY tools you can hire include a blowlamp for felting work and reciprocating saws for cutting wood, plastic, metal or plasterboard.

Garden Tools to Hire
If you are planning on doing up your garden then it’s likely that you’ll need special tools for the job. To make life easier when you’re working on the lawn why not hire a lawn mower, turf cutter and electric lawn rake. And when it comes to those garden trees why not hire a chainsaw, they come in a variety of sizes and you should find a good range available from most tool hire shops.

Other garden tools that you may want to hire include hedge trimmers, which come in a variety of models depending on the size and type of hedge you want to trim, and compost shredders, which are available from most garden tool hire shops.

Whether you hire DIY or garden tools, always be sure to follow the safety advice you are offered from the tool hire shop and make sure you only hire a tool of the size you require. There is no point hiring and trying to use a huge chainsaw or oversized wallpaper stripper when you don’t need to.

Construction Equipment to Hire
Plant hire companies in the UK can offer a wide range of construction equipment from rough terrain cranes to 360-degree excavators. However if you’re unfamiliar with the plant hire industry then you many not realise just how wide your choice is.

Plant hire equipment can be broken down into five main categories, transporting loads, powered access, cranes and lifting, earth moving and extraction and compaction. Most construction projects will need a combination of all these to complete the job. Below we list these categories and some examples of the type of equipment that falls into each of these categories.

Compaction including power rammers, pneumatic-tyred rollers and compaction wheels;
Cranes and lifting equipment including all terrain cranes, carry decks and down cabs;
Earthmoving and extraction equipment including 180-degree excavators, tracked excavators and 360-degree wheeled excavators;
Powered access equipment including articulating booms, scissor lifts and hydraulic truck cranes; and
Transporting equipment including road wagons and grab wagons.

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