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The UK's Best Online Guide To Plant, Machinery and Tool Hire

Home Page What Can I Hire Hiring Tools From A Shop Benefits Of Plant Hire Get Listed   This site is a comprehensive directory of plant hire companies and plant hire centres in the UK. Whether youíre looking for whacker plates in Warrington, drills in Dover or bulldozers in Bristol you can take advantage of our free, easy to use search to find an equipment hire company near you offering the construction equipment you need or the DIY tools you desire.

UK plant hire companies offer a range of construction site equipment including cranes and lifting equipment, compaction equipment, earthmoving and extraction equipment and powered access equipment. This plant hire equipment can be used for large projects at home for example building an extension or for major construction projects like road building.

However if your project isnít quite as big as that then a tool hire company may be just the thing. Tool hire centres offer DIY tools such as drills for hire, damp meters for hire and paint strippers for hire as well as garden tools like hedge trimmers for hire, flame guns for hire and electric lawn rakers for hire.

So whatever type of equipment you need you should be able to find a plant hire company or a tool hire centre near you with exactly what youíre looking for using this site.

Search For A Plant, Machinery or Tool Hire In...

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